By Margaret Lampasi

Negative self-talk is a real enemy that can stifle growth and self-expression in any domain, especially in singing. It’s that inner voice that tells you, “I can’t do this,” or “I’m not good enough.” In this blog post, I’ll explore the damaging effects of negative self-talk in singing and why building confidence is essential for becoming a better singer.

Negative Self-Talk: The Saboteur of Singing

Negative self-talk in singing takes various forms. It might be that internal dialogue that whispers, “People say I sound good, but I don’t believe them,” or “I don’t have much talent, so what’s the use in trying to learn singing?” These insidious beliefs can seriously undermine your progress and potential.

It’s crucial to understand that negative self-talk sabotages your singing because it assaults your sense of worth and confidence. And guess what? Confidence plays a significant role in your journey to becoming a better singer.

In simple terms, negative self-talk and singing are like oil and water – they don’t mix well. Instead of being a recipe for success, they brew dissatisfaction and, dare I say it, unnecessary failure (with a big “F” and, yes, totally unnecessary!) These self-deprecating thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies before you know it, putting you in a vicious circle.

Confidence and Singing: Not Black and White

Confidence isn’t an all-or-nothing concept. It’s not just about being ultra-confident or having no confidence at all. It’s a spectrum, and somewhere along that spectrum is where most of us reside.

Confidence in singing can be viewed as having a bit of positive self-regard and the belief that you can create something valuable. You don’t need a massive ego; some confidence is often better than overconfidence, which can hinder growth.

The Pitfall of Overconfidence

Overconfident individuals may appear self-assured on the surface, but it’s often a facade hiding deep-rooted insecurities. They struggle to admit weakness or lack of knowledge, isolating themselves from genuine growth opportunities.

Your Lack of Confidence Is a Strength

If you lack confidence in your singing abilities, don’t despair. It’s actually a strength. You read that correctly! Why? Because it means you’re open to learning. You’re willing to say, “I don’t know, but I want to explore and find out more.” This attitude is not only beneficial, it’s essential for becoming a better singer! And know that singing just to yourself for your own enjoyment enrichment, is just as valuable as singing for others! Singing is your birthright.

The Power of Singing

Singing is more than hitting the right notes. It’s about connecting with your own humanity and the shared human experience. Singing is an act of self-expression, a way to communicate emotions, thoughts, and ideas through the universal language of music and words.

The act of singing brings people together in meaningful ways, generating hope, connection, and catharsis. It allows the vulnerable, human side of you to connect with the same human vulnerability in others.

Final Words of Inspiration

In the world of singing, confidence is your ally. It’s not about perfection or competition, but far more: It’s about embracing your humanity and sharing it with the world. By seeing that your willingness to learn is a powerful asset, you can silence the negative self-talk and let your voice grow and shine. I hope that helps you gain a little confidence, that you are actually further along than you think. 🙂

Remember, your voice, your expression and your creativity all have the potential to connect and inspire, offering something unique to the world. Embrace your voice, cultivate your confidence, and watch your singing journey flourish in ways you never imagined. Sing on, and share the beauty and expression within you with the world!

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Think you can’t sing? Think again! Singing is just a skill like any other. Which means it can be learned. And everyone can learn how!

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