Want to feel the power of your voice?

The human voice and its capacities for varied expression is nothing short of a miracle.

The mastery of the “voice-body-mind” can bring peak experiences of great joy.  This is the power and gift of our voices.



My group online courses get you to experience your voice in new exciting ways–ways that expand your range and get you sounding better as well as feeling more comfortable as you sing.

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COMING SOON: Better Breathing for Singing

Unfortunately, for many of us that sense of vocal freedom eludes us. Luckily, there are many ways and natural methods to help us gain this joy and freedom on a regular basis.

I’ve traveled far and wide in my studies and personal explorations of the voice and know what supports its free and optimal functioning in singing.

Healthy vocal development is a gradual process that takes time. It never happens overnight.

I’m in the process of developing these findings into two separate online courses.



  • looks at common areas of physical tension & how to eliminate them for more ease in your singing & voice

  • uses various gentle awareness techniques and the Feldenkrais Method®

  • lasts four to six weeks

  • Expected release: Summer 2021

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  • a comprehensive, step-by-step process of building your inherent healthy voice from the ground up

  • lasts several months (at least eight), & includes a wide variety of modalities related to vocal study

  • includes group classes and private one-on-one time with me

  • Projected launch: Spring 2022

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Joy-in-your-singing-freedom (

I’m so excited to share all this unique & cutting-edge work with you!

Holistic-Voice-Instructor-Margaret-Lampasi-Welcomes-You-to Grow-Your-Healthy-VoiceLooking forward to meeting you
Hi, I’m Margaret!

I’m a Voice Empowerment Coach, singing teacher and college voice professor.   For over 20 years, I’ve made deep studies of the voice, singing, psychology, holistic healing methods and nutrition.

I deliver one-of-a-kind expertise on the voice that empowers you to find your true and most free expression as a singer or speaker.  I bring creative joy, a positive energy, and a gentle spirit to everything I share with my students.

It’s an honor to integrate all this knowledge and help you improve your voice, overcome any obstacles, as well as guide you on a healthy & joyful vocal journey for life.

I love helping you discover the joy-thrill-beauty of more vocal freedom!