What has movement got to do with your voice?

Your singing actually involves ALL of you:  movements of your whole body, your thoughts–AND those tiny things called vocal cords!

Using various awareness exercises, which often include imagery as well as the Feldenkrais Method®, my gentle movement classes invite you to learn about yourself and your voice in new ways.

These classes are very relaxing and process-oriented.  The connections made are often subtle at first, yet ultimately they bear powerful and positive effects on our voices and singing.

Benefits include: 

  • easier, more efficient breathing

  • elimination of tension in areas such as jaw, tongue, neck, shoulders, and more

  • better posture & overall feelings of wellbeing

Join the movement!

Join me and other voice users seeking to unfold greater awareness and easier movement in our vocal experiences!

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

Feldenkrais Method® uses the power of our minds, bodies and nervous systems to create more ease in ALL the ways we move—from our ordinary activities to specialized ones like singing.

It involves making simple and small movements with a high degree of attention, or mindfulness. The movements are arranged in a specific order that gradually grows into something more complex—yet still simple to do.

Singing is a full body activity. There are many parts to move and keep in balance. As singers we are like athletes. A key difference is we need to become skilled at the subtleties of fine motor coordination.

A feeling of ease or effortlessness comes from NOT rushing the process but by staying present in the moment—and in the movement.

To this end, in my classes, you will hear me asking questions, like “How does it feel?” “Can you do the movement slower, simpler or smaller?” This prompts you in your own growing awareness process.

By paying close attention to our sensations as we do specific movements, we actually retrain our brains to direct our physical actions in more efficient or graceful ways. We also improve other abilities such as balance, reaching, walking, and many others!

This is the power and beauty of the Feldenkrais Method®–and its great help to vocal study.

I hope you decide to join a class and enjoy the many benefits it brings for singing, and for life!

“The empowered singer is an aware singer.”