The voice as a musical instrument is THE most multi-faceted and complex of all. An empowering way to create healthy singing comes from a holistic approach to voice training. This considers the whole person and not just the voice, and can include use of holistic methods like yoga to build greater body awareness.

WHAT IS HOLISTIC VOICE TRAINING?2021-07-29T13:38:54+00:00

Self-Love as the Greatest Love of All?


Sometimes unreasonably high expectations of ourselves can get in the way of self-love. We're not productivity machines but human BE-ings. Rather than push ourselves relentlessly, we can give ourselves grace by cutting ourselves some slack. Not only do we benefit, but those around us do, too.

Self-Love as the Greatest Love of All?2021-02-19T00:45:49+00:00

Negative Self-Talk and Singing: What You Must Know


Take heart. Many people have negative self-talk around their singing. No need to puff yourself up with false pride. Chances are you are further along than you think! And besides, singing is so much more than comparing yourself to others.

Negative Self-Talk and Singing: What You Must Know2021-02-11T18:01:37+00:00
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